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5 things you need to consider for your new farm shed

A well-designed farm shed allows you to run your farm more efficiently. By creating a practical space for storage, animals, machinery, or whatever you need, you can ensure everything runs smoothly. 

If you’re building a farm shed for the first time or are upgrading what you already have, there are crucial factors to consider.

What is a wide span shed?

If you’re planning to build a new shed, you may have heard the terms ‘wide span’, ‘portal-frame’ or ‘clear span’. As industry experts, we often get asked about these terms and whether they are worth factoring into a large-scale shed design. 

In this article, we explain what wide span sheds are, how they differ from other shed designs, and the best applications to use them. Whatever your needs, find all the advantages of wide span sheds below.

Best farm shed suppliers in NSW

If you’re in the market for a farm shed in New South Wales, structural steel sheds will be at the top of your list. These sheds are strong and built to last – but how do you choose the right supplier?

With so many shed builders to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we make it easy with a list of the top farm shed companies in the state and what kind of projects they each specialise in. 

How much hay can be stored in a hay shed?

For hardworking farmers, having the right amount of hay storage is crucial. A well-designed hay shed will not only keep your hay dry and full of nutrients, but it will also be a valuable long-term investment for your farm.

The question is – how much hay can your shed store? Getting this wrong could lead to wasted hay and money. 

Do farm sheds need council approval?

If your shed does not meet local council regulations, you may have to take it down or halt construction. To avoid unwanted frustration and fines, you need to be clear on the relevant guidelines before construction begins.  

In this article, we outline the key considerations to make when planning a new farm shed as well as the key steps you need to take. 

Roller doors vs sliding doors – which is better?

For most farm sheds and industrial buildings, door access is crucial. To keep your operations running smoothly, and the costs low, you need to choose a low-maintenance option to improve efficiency, durability and security.

The question is – are roller doors or sliding doors better?

How to properly store fertiliser

When storing your farm’s fertiliser, there are several things to know that can improve effectiveness, shelf life, and safety. Good storage and handling are crucial – especially when it comes to the productivity of your farm.

Organising your storage ahead of time will also save you in the long term. With large fluctuations in fertiliser pricing, it’s important to have an appropriate way to store it when the price is right. To help you store your fertiliser correctly, this article outlines some of the best practices for farmers. For ideal conditions, incompatible chemicals, regulations, and storage features you need, read on.

6 things to know before building a steel shed

While there’s no magic formula for building a shed, there are a few core principles to follow that will impact how your design comes together.

A shed is a major undertaking, but if you do it well, it will provide benefits both now, and into the future. To ensure your new shed is a success, here are 6 things that we think every shed owner or future shed owner should know.

Is there a standard bay size for a shed?

When building a new shed, one design choice you will need to make is determining the correct size or spacing for your shed bays. A shed bay is the spacing from the centre of one I beam, to the centre of the next I beam.

We often get questions from customers asking for guidance on bay size, but since there isn't a one size fits all solution, we thought we’d tell you what you need to consider when determining the best bay size for your needs. More often than not, the bay size you require will be determined by what you will store inside your shed.

What’s the most economical shed height?

Choosing the right height for a farm shed or industrial building is a critical decision, and can be quite daunting if you’re building a shed for the first time. Once a shed is built, it’s very difficult to adjust the height to suit your needs, so getting it right at the design stage is imperative. You’ll need to consider not only the shed’s purpose but also accessibility, storage capacity, local restrictions and more before finalising your shed plans. That’s why we’ve written this blog to give you a helpful guide to choosing a shed height that suits your needs. Learn more about choosing the most appropriate height for your future shed or industrial building.