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What’s the cost per m² for a steel shed?

The cost of a steel shed is a question we get asked frequently. This can be hard to answer as no two sheds are the same; in most instances, a steel shed will also be custom-designed to meet the customer's specific requirements which will drive up the price, should they choose optional extras.

The overall cost of a shed will come down to many different factors – from the size of the shed, to how many enclosed walls or bays you include, there are lots of things that could impact how much you will need to spend on a new steel farm shed or industrial building. What we can determine, however, is how much you can expect to pay on average, for a steel shed. This will then give you a good idea of how much you could expect to pay for a new shed.

It’s important to be prepared when purchasing a new shed, and a ballpark figure can make all the difference when deciding which shed manufacturer you choose. To help you out, we’ve outlined the cost per m² for a steel farm shed, equestrian shed, commercial shed and an aircraft hangar. We’ve also explained any potential factors that may increase the price of a new shed.

The cost per m² for a farm shed

ABC Sheds farm shed the cost per square metre

A farm shed is one of the most customisable and versatile sheds on the market. A farm shed can serve many different purposes from hay or machinery storage to a shearing shed and even workshops spaces – the options are endless! Generally speaking, the bigger your farm shed, the more you will need to pay. While it may seem like a big investment, to begin with, particularly if you’re purchasing a shearing shed or combination shed, a quality structural steel farm shed will more than pay off in the long run and if done right, can be used for many different purposes.

When looking at the cost of a farm shed per square metre, you are looking at between $200 to $300.*

Factors that increase the cost of a farm shed

Certain factors will increase the cost of a farm shed. The final cost will be influenced by:

  • Awnings: The addition of awnings to any shed can increase the price that you will need to pay. Awnings require extra columns, steel beams and extra roofing which will increase how much you need to pay for your farm shed.
  • Truss overs: Truss overs are required to structurally support the roof of a shed. The bigger your shed the bigger the roof which will mean more truss overs. This will increase the price.
  • Enclosed walls: Depending on the type of shed you require, you may require one, two or even four, fully enclosed walls. Enclosing your shed completely has the potential to dramatically increase the price. This may not be needed for every shed design so it’s important to discuss why you may need four enclosed walls. For example, if you require a hay shed then you would only need to enclose three walls at the most. We can discuss your options with you to keep the price down.
  • Lock-up bays: If you need to store expensive machinery in your farm shed then a lock up bay could be an essential requirement. A lock-up bay will require more enclosed walls and a door which will increase the overall price of your shed.

For more details on the cost of a farm shed, you can check out this blog for more information. 

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The cost per m² for an equestrian shed

ABC Sheds equestrian arena

Surprisingly, there are lots of options when it comes to an equestrian shed – gone are the days of a simple arena cover! Equestrian sheds have evolved and while covered horse arenas are still very popular, so too are enclosed training facilities and custom stable complexes.

Because of the different varieties of equestrian sheds and the many different ways that these can be customised, the overall price of an equestrian shed can be hard to determine.

However, we would estimate that the cost of an equestrian shed per square metre is between $200 to $300.*

Factors that increase the cost of an equestrian shed

Factors that we see commonly increase the final cost of an equestrian shed include:

  • Awnings: Just like farm sheds, awnings are also a popular addition to equestrian sheds which will also drive up the price due to the extra materials required, to put these in place.
  • Colorbond sheeting: An equestrian shed can become a design statement, with many customers choosing various shades of Colorbond sheeting to transform the look of their shed. Some will even choose colours so that their shed blends in with nature and their surroundings. Colorbond sheeting does come at an extra cost, but we think it’s worth it!

For more information on the final cost of an equestrian shed, just click here

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The cost per m² for a commercial shed

ABC Sheds commercial sheds

The needs of a commercial shed can be vast. As they’re most commonly used by businesses, the requirements of these sheds are open to interpretation – one business’ needs will be different to the next and the shed will reflect this.

No two commercial sheds or industrial buildings that we’ve manufactured are the same! A commercial shed will be custom-designed for the client and could include anything from office space to a stock room or a processing facility.

When looking at the cost per square metre of a commercial shed, we would estimate this to be between $400 to $500.*

Factors that increase the cost of a commercial shed

Several factors could increase the final cost of a commercial shed. These factors include:

  • Office fitout: An office is considered essential for many commercial sheds however it’s important to note that this will have an impact on the final cost. More internal walls will be required and a personal access door.
  • Mezzanines: Some people like to add a mezzanine floor to their shed. This is an excellent idea if you would like additional storage space. A mezzanine floor will have an impact on the overall cost though as your shed will need to be engineered to hold the weight of the mezzanine. Extra structural support will be required.
  • Gantry crane: A gantry crane can be a handy addition to a commercial shed and is commonly used for heavy fabrication applications or if you need to move heavy loads. A shed needs to be engineered to support such a high load with extra structural support added to the sides of the shed. This will cost extra.
  • Roller doors: Roller doors can be found in most commercial sheds as they allow for big machinery and vehicles to easily enter and depart the building. A roller door is counted as an addition to a shed and extra framing is required to support this.
  • Firewalls: A firewall is an important safety measure for a lot of businesses that operate in an industrial environment, particularly for businesses that have many sheds or buildings on one site. A firewall will help to contain the spread of a fire at a property and can reduce the chance of it spreading to another building within a complex. As a firewall requires an additional wall to be built into your shed, this will increase the cost.

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The cost per m² for an aircraft hangar

ABC Sheds aircraft hangar

Many aircraft hangars will follow a tried and true layout so there is less room for movement when it comes to the overall price. Often it is the size of the aircraft hangar that is most likely to influence the price or the addition of something like a mezzanine.

When looking at the cost of an aircraft hangar per square metre, you are looking at between $500 to $600.*

Factors that increase the cost of an aircraft hangar

There are a few things that will commonly increase the price of an aircraft hangar. These include:

  • Roller doors: As we have mentioned, the addition of roller doors will increase the overall cost of a shed. In saying that, with every aircraft hangar there always needs to be a way to get planes in and out of a hangar so something like roller doors is a given. Some customers will choose to opt for sliding doors as an alternative.
  • Mezzanines: Mezzanines can act as handy storage space and even living quarters in some cases. As we have previously stated, the addition of a mezzanine comes at an extra cost as your hangar will need to be engineered to hold the weight of the mezzanine.
  • Awnings: In some instances, awnings are added to the exterior of an aircraft hangar to provide additional space or shelter. Awnings require extra columns, steel beams and roofing which will increase the overall cost.
  • Concrete flooring: Like roller doors, concrete flooring is almost a given for any aircraft hangar space and the extra cost associated with concreting the floor should be factored in when you first start planning a new aircraft hangar.

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Many different factors can influence the cost of a steel shed. We hope that the above cost estimations have given you some insight into how much your new shed could cost, and how much you may need to budget for this. When planning a new shed it can also help to get some ideas and inspiration from other projects, so you can decide exactly what you need. We can help with that! Our free brochure contains our entire shed range as well as some of our most inspiring shed projects. Get your downloadable copy by clicking here

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*The pricing included in this article is an estimate only. All prices are based on the cost of a standard farm shed, equestrian shed, commercial shed or aircraft hanger, by square metre. Prices will increase or decrease depending on your shed requirements. Prices can also be impacted by things like the cost of materials or installation costs. For an accurate shed quote, please request one here.