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Aircraft hangar inspiration

Whether you need an aircraft hangar for a new aviation park or you have a hobby plane that needs a home, it always helps to have some inspiration!

Here at ABC Sheds, we construct custom structural steel aircraft hangars for the secure storage of planes, both big and small. So whether you’re running a plane charter service or you need extra space to store the private jet, our aircraft hangars are designed with your specific requirements in mind.

Should you own or lease an aircraft hangar?

The often varied and hot weather that we experience across Australia means that it’s essential to have adequate protection and shelter for big-ticket items and heavy machinery. Something like an aircraft no matter the size, or whether it’s a helicopter or plane, can be a big investment. It’s important to make sure that you have adequate shelter to protect this investment from the weather and potential damage.

Aircraft hangar homes

Aircraft hangars have been around for decades – in Australia it’s reported that the first commercial aircraft hangar was built by Qantas in 1922. The hangar at Longreach, Queensland, became the centre of the airline’s operations, and what many consider the home of Australian aviation. 

While aircraft hangars are commonly used to store planes and large aircraft, they have grown so much in popularity that their uses now vary. Often you’ll find that smaller aircraft hangars are used for multiple purposes, one of which is housing or accommodation – what we like to refer to as an ‘aircraft hangar home’.

5 things to consider when building an aircraft hangar

So you’ve decided to build an aircraft hangar – great stuff! If you’re choosing to build an aircraft hangar to house your collection of small planes or perhaps you’ve added an airstrip, and need a basic hangar for small planes that may come and go? Whatever the reason, a steel frame aircraft hangar is something that will do the trick! An aircraft hangar is a great way to keep your planes protected from the elements when they aren’t in use (plus we think they look pretty cool too)!

Before you make the final call, it’s good to know what you should consider before you purchase an aircraft hangar – there are a few important things that are essential to think about. In this blog we’ve outlined what you need to know before you purchase or build.