Grain Sheds

Using the best materials and tools, we provide quality outdoor storage for your grain.

Careful planning isn't your only concern when it comes to grain storage, you also need a well-built and secure storage structure. ABC Sheds offers versatile sheds that can be used to protect not only your harvest, but also your machinery. We take pride in having the expertise and knowledge required for quality grain storage solutions.

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Our grain shed projects

Fully engineered for your grain storage

Our fully engineered grain sheds will ensure that your harvest and goods remain safe and dry all-year-round. We use galvanised frames to provide a strong foundation for our buildings. Our team also provides smart designs to ensure every structure can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Every structure complies with Australian building codes to maintain quality standards.

Custom-designs for every building project

We know that no two farming facilities are the same, which is why we provide custom-designs for all of our sheds. If you want to fit out one end of your grain shed for handling and farming machinery, our engineers can provide a design to meet your requirements. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll get started with the structural plans.

Guarantee for every structure

When it comes to customer satisfaction, ABC Sheds won’t let you down. As part of our commitment to quality service, we provide a 25-year guarantee on your grain sheds. We make sure your building will last for years to come!

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No matter your grain or farm storage needs, you'll find information on the entire range of ABC structural steel sheds in our farm sheds brochure. For those of you wanting some design inspiration, you'll also find examples of previous shed projects we've completed!

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ABC Sheds farm sheds brochure