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Machinery Sheds Australia - 4 designs to inspire you

Machinery Sheds Australia - 4 designs to inspire you

Machinery sheds provide a practical and secure space to store your valuable assets and equipment. They are available in a range of designs and sizes, offering protection from the weather, minimising risk, and helping you stay organised.

In this article, we talk about the 4 best designs for machinery sheds, including drive-through sheds, wide spans, enclosed sheds, and structural steel vs purlin sheds.

Benefits of a machinery shed

Machinery sheds store equipment, vehicles, and machinery and are popular for farms and commercial applications. There are various types of machinery sheds, each suitable for different types of machinery and environments. With a well-designed shed, you can achieve the following: 

  • Protect your valuable assets from harsh weather conditions.
  • Minimise the risk of theft and vandalism. 
  • Maximise your machinery’s lifespan.
  • Less frequent machinery services and repairs.
  • Keep machinery clean for longer. 
  • Keep your farm organised. 

Best machinery shed designs

1. Drive-through sheds

Drive-through farm machinery shed

Drive-through sheds have open ends and frames, allowing vehicles and machinery to move in and out with ease. These sheds are versatile and the framing can be easily replicated to increase the shed’s length as you acquire new machinery. 

The advantages of drive-through sheds include higher clearance heights, efficient parking, larger entry widths, and adaptability for growth. You can also choose to incorporate additional features, such as a hangar-style door system, lean-tos, awnings, and gable infills.

2. Wide-span machinery sheds

Machinery sheds with a wide span

A wide-span shed is a large structural frame with two columns and a rafter between. Also known as a clear span shed, this self-supporting design has no centre supports, which is ideal for machinery storage. 

In a wide-span shed, it’s easy to manoeuvre vehicles in and out because there are no internal poles or obstacles. They also have higher clearances than a purlin shed which means taller vehicles can fit in without the risk of hitting anything structural. 

3. Enclosed machinery sheds

Machinery shed Australia

If security is a high priority for you, you may want to consider a fully enclosed shed with lockable doors. This not only protects your machinery from potential theft but it will also keep it safe from the elements.

With an enclosed shed, you can choose from a range of shed doors, including:
  • Sliding doors are low maintenance and allow for a large opening span, making it easier to manoeuvre vehicles.
  • Roller doors do not require horizontal clearance, meaning you can add roller doors on multiple bays. Roller doors offer higher security, weatherproofing, and the ability to open with a remote. 
  • Personal access (PA) doors allow you to access your shed when the sliding doors are locked or the roller doors are down.

4. Purlin vs structural steel

Structural machinery shed

There are two main structural designs for machinery sheds – purlins and structural steel. Purlins are a roll-formed structural system consisting of thin steel sheets that are rolled into C or Z profiles. If you need a small shed that is less than 12 metres, purlins may suit your requirements at a lower manufacturing cost. 

Structural steel is thicker steel that has been roll-pressed at a very high temperature and fed through rollers. These strong steel sections are then welded and bolted into the shed frame. A structural steel shed also features sturdy steel beams, including a Universal beam (UB) and a Welded web truss. 

Structural steel designs are more suitable for farm machinery sheds because they are stronger, more customisable, and more durable. Additionally, the structure is robust enough to withstand any bumps from vehicles moving around inside. 

Machinery Sheds Australia

At ABC Sheds, we’ve built structural steel machinery sheds all over Australia. With us, you gain extensive building expertise, a high standard of customer service, a fully fabricated shed at a fair rate, and all of the following advantages: 

  • Site evaluation, design, and engineering.
  • Quality Australian steel.
  • On-site delivery and professional erection.
  • 25-year "You're Covered" guarantee.
  • Surpasses Australian building standards.
  • More than 25 years of experience.
  • Customised shed designs.

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