Farm sheds

The weather may change, but our structural steel farm sheds don’t.

With an ABC Sheds farm shed, you'll get a custom-made building to protect your stock and equipment from Australia’s weather conditions, ensuring a lifetime’s worth of investment for your machinery.

From hay sheds and machinery storage to shearing sheds, our farm sheds are designed to be used for multiple applications, providing you with the ultimate flexibility for your rural shed.

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Our farm shed projects

Structural steel sheds that are built to last

As farmers, you know the importance of quality storage, and we're no different. Not only does good storage help to protect your equipment from the elements, but a well-built farm shed also contributes to the preservation of the equipment’s quality, resulting in a better trade-in value. Our sheds are manufactured from only the best structural steel – your shed will stand tall for many years to come and better yet, it'll look brand new!

Australian building standards exceeded

ABC Sheds farm buildings and rural sheds are sites specifically engineered by an independent structural engineer. Quality building materials and our rigorous manufacturing process also ensure that all ABC sheds are compliant with the Australian Building Code. Your steel shed will be designed with your requirements and local climate in mind – as we like to say 'designed for you, built to last'. 

Custom designs for your storage needs

If you need large openings to fit headers or boom sprays, ABC Sheds has you covered. We offer different designs to suit your specific storage capacity – our sheds can have bay openings of up to 16 metres in width and with 8-metre bays, there's plenty of room for the tractors! Whether you want farm equipment storage with sliding or roller doors, open-gable ends, or fully enclosed bays, our team can provide the best options for your perfect shed.

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From farm machinery storage to shearing and dairy sheds, you'll find information on the entire range of ABC sheds in our farm sheds brochure. View our complete range and get inspiration for your perfect shed! You'll find some of our most impressive steel farm buildings, sure to give you lots of ideas.

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