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Farm shed prices — costs explained

Farm shed prices — costs explained

Farm shed prices - costs explained

The right farm storage is a game-changer, keeping your valuable assets safe and secure. A well-designed farm building will also be more cost-effective in the long term by preserving your machinery, animals, and products.

In this blog, we delve into farm shed costs, covering the factors that affect the price and a basic guide to how much you can expect to pay. 

How much does a farm shed cost? 

Depending on your needs, building costs can quickly add up. To work out an estimated price, you need to decide on the size, span, and additional features. 

Shed cost per m2

Depending on its specifications, the rough cost of a structural steel shed is typically between $175 and $280 per square metre. However, these costs are heavily dependent on the location, dimensions, purpose, materials, and design. 

In 2024, the cost of a farm building ranges from $50,000 to $270,000, including GST and construction. The following prices show how our prices are influenced by the size per square metre and shed type. 

Size Type Price range*
 28m x 15m x 6m      Open-end $85,000 to $90,000
30m x 18m x 6m Open-end $105,000 to $110,000
40m x 20m x 6m Drive-through $145,000 to $155,000
60m x 22m x 6m Drive-through $220,000 to $230,000
19m x 18m x 6m Fully enclosed $95,000 to $100,000
32m x 18m x 6m Fully enclosed $135,000 to $140,000

*Please note that these prices are indicative only and include GST and construction. However, these prices are based on a standard shed with no additional features or special engineering. For an accurate quote accounting for your specific needs, please ask the ABC Sheds team today.

Shed span and bay width

The span of your shed refers to the overall building width and the bay spacing refers to the distance between the supporting columns. A wide span and wide bays require stronger materials and supports, which can be achieved with structural steel but will generally cost more. However, a shed with a span of 15m or greater and increasing bays from 6m to 8m could be more cost-effective.

Shed height

The shed height is another crucial consideration, affecting storage capacity and internal movement. If you need a higher shed for roller doors or taller machinery, you may need to add reinforcement, which will also drive the costs up. A shed with an eave height over 7m may require structural changes which will affect the overall cost.

Concrete shed floors

Concrete flooring is a hard-wearing and dependable option for farm buildings, forming an effective barrier between the ground and your stored materials. This is particularly beneficial for grain storage and fertiliser storage, in which conditions must meet strict requirements, but the concrete will raise the construction costs. 

Shed insulation

In our extreme Australian climate, an insulated shed will dramatically improve your farm’s productivity. Not only will it keep you and your farm staff comfortable, but it will also prevent stored assets from overheating. We can also incorporate ventilation and fully enclosed bays to help you control the internal temperature. 

Additional features

Adding certain features to your shed design can increase the total price. For example, popular features include awnings, roller doors, sliding doors, shed lighting, security fixtures, sheeting infills, and guttering. To reduce the risk of fires, we can also incorporate a firewall, sprinklers, or a water tank.

Fixed price vs estimate quotes 

Some shed suppliers provide you with an estimated quote, which is a rough estimate based on your design consultations. However, the true cost is likely to change as unforeseen hidden costs arise.

On the other hand, a fixed quote is locked in at the beginning, giving you peace of mind that there are no hidden costs. At ABC, our quotes are fixed and final, meaning you can enjoy the process without worrying about budget blowouts. Request a fixed price quote from our team today. 

Farm sheds Australia

A farm shed helps you protect your stock and equipment and maximise your investment. At ABC Sheds, our farm buildings are designed for multiple applications, including:

For large or remote farms with planes or helicopters, we also design and build aircraft hangars. 

Hot dip structural steel

Our buildings are manufactured from the highest-quality structural steel, making them tough and robust. The steel is also hot dip galvanised, forming a corrosion-resistant barrier against the elements and ensuring your building will stand the test of time. 

Compliance and engineering

All ABC buildings exceed the Australian Building Code and are engineered for the site by an independent structural engineer. Your shed will be designed for you and built to last, with your specific requirements and climate in mind.

Custom designs

With our strong steel structures, we can easily customise your shed to suit your storage needs. We can incorporate large bay openings up to 16 metres wide, bays up to 8 metres, sliding doors, roller doors, open-gable ends, fully enclosed bays, and more. 

For more advice on your best next step, request a quote or contact our friendly team.

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