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Have a question about ABC Sheds? These FAQs may help

Thinking of a new shed? Not sure what questions to ask? Below are some frequently asked questions that may help

1. What is the maximum depth that your buildings can span?

Our buildings are engineered to span from 9 metres (30 foot) up to 60 metres (200 foot) clear span and further if needed.

2. Are your buildings compliant with the Building Codes of Australia?

Absolutely. Not only are they compliant – they exceed the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia.

3. I need help putting my shed through council – can ABC Sheds™ help?

Too right! All sheds come complete with a set of plans and certification from our engineer for submitting to council and we offer a free service of completing the application for you.

4. In order to receive my Be Rewarded! gift card – do I have to place an order with you?

No. If your friend that you referred to us places their order before you – we will still send you your card once their commencement payment has been received.

5. What are the benefits of galvanised columns?

Wether you live on the coast or not – your shed is exposed to a risk of corrosion. Galvanising is the only solution. A couple of benefits are – the life expectancy of galvanised columns is far in excess of 50 yearsGalvanising also provides a neat even protection for your columns, something that no other coating can do.

6. Can I erect my shed myself?

Certainly. The construction is a simple bolt together process and providing you have the necessary access equipment – it’s easy. Every kit shed comes with footing cages, bolts, screws, downpipes, gutters, flashings and with clear instructions as to where everything is to be installed.

7. I got a price from ABC Sheds™ for the erection of my shed – what is included in that price?

Everything. All pier hole boring and concrete needed for the piers, crane hire, scissor lift hire and accomodation for the erection crew. There are no hidden costs in our proposals.

8. Are ABC Sheds™ Shed Safe accredited?

Shed Safe accreditation only applies to purlin construction sheds. ABC Sheds use UB columns and open web truss construction which exceeds all building standards and is inherently safer and stronger, so it is not required to have Shed Safe accreditation to prove its strength and safety.

9. Does ABC Sheds™ build garages and carports?

No not as such – our buildings start from 9m deep and go up to 60m.

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