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How to customise a farm machinery shed

Customised farm machinery shed

In our years in the shed-building industry, we’ve built a lot of farm machinery sheds. During that time, we’ve come across a lot of farmers wanting to adapt a standard design to their unique requirements.

In this article, we outline all the ways a farm machinery shed can be customised to suit your farm’s needs. From adding livestock gates to the addition of awnings, there’s a wide range of options available. 

Farm machinery shed customisations

Farm machinery shed with awnings

Here at ABC Sheds, we can build your farm shed with a wide range of customisations and adaptations. You can choose to build a standard shed like those in our Durakit range, tweak them to suit your needs, or create a completely bespoke design. Popular customisations with farmers include: 

Bay size

The sizing of bays and how many you include can be customised based on how much space you need and the size of the machinery you wish to store inside. If you have extra wide machinery and are looking for a massive opening, why not speak to us about our trussovers, where you can move a column in the middle of two bays.

Open or fully enclosed 

How many walls will you choose to include in your shed? If you will be entering your shed frequently, you may want to consider removing a wall or two to make access easier. If security is more of a concern, we would encourage you to consider a fully enclosed shed with lockable doors.

A secure farm shed will not only help to protect from trespassers and potential theft, but it will also help to keep your machinery safe from harsh weather conditions.


To improve accessibility, we can add various doors to your shed design. Our options include metal sliding doors, glass sliding doors, personal access (PA) doors, and roller doors. Each door serves a different need and offers different advantages. 

Sliding doors

A metal sliding door opens along the wall of the shed, usually on a rail or a track that keeps it in line. Sliding doors are low maintenance and easy to repair, making them ideal for farming environments. They also allow for a large opening span, making it easier to manoeuvre vehicles.

Roller doors

A roller door has a continuous sheet that rolls up above the door opening, meaning it does not require horizontal clearance. This way, you can add roller doors to multiple bays and they can all be open at once. Roller doors offer higher security, weatherproofing, and the ability to open with a remote. 

PA doors

PA doors allow your farm staff to move in and around the shed easily, without needing to open a large vehicle access door. This is especially helpful in bad weather conditions when you don’t want to expose the stored machinery unnecessarily. 

Concrete walls

Concrete is extremely durable, termite-resistant, and does not rot or rust when exposed to moisture. Adding a concrete wall to your farm shed is a cost-effective way to add strength and longevity, while also protecting against pests and weather exposure. If you want to add a concrete wall, ask our team today. 


If you want to let light into your shed or increase visibility from one space to another, we can incorporate a custom window. You can choose the alignment, height, and size of the window to suit your particular needs. 

Polycarbonate sheets and skylights

To allow light into your shed, we can include a polycarbonate sheet in the walls and roof. Polycarbonate is lightweight, durable, and suitable for a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for Australian conditions. 


If your shed has any enclosed or partially enclosed areas, you may wish to add a ventilation system. As required, we can easily incorporate a wind-powered Whirlybird in your shed roof to increase airflow automatically. 

Roof overhang

For extra weather protection, consider extending the roof to overhang above your shed entrance. This can improve the shelter inside the shed and help to protect your vehicles from wind, rain, and other harsh conditions. 


If you want additional shelter at the side of your shed, we can add a customised awning. This will allow you to move machinery and supplies in and out of the shed without being exposed to the weather. Depending on your preference, the awning can be cantilevered, fully enclosed or open-ended.

Livestock gates

If you want to prevent livestock from getting into your farm shed and eating hay, we can incorporate gates into the shed design. This allows you to store anything in your shed, with peace of mind that your livestock cannot get inside.

Here at ABC Sheds, we partner with High Post for the supply of farm gate hinges and fencing products because they’re strong, durable, and hot-dip galvanised. 

Shed design tool

ABC Sheds shed builder tool

Our online shed builder tool allows you to play around with shed specifications, features, and colours. You can add awnings, walls, doors, windows, and more to determine the best shed design for your farm. Then, when you’re happy with it, submit the design and we’ll get in touch with an accurate quote. 

Use the shed designer tool >>

Farm machinery sheds in Australia

With many years in the construction industry, the ABC Sheds team is well-equipped to help you with your specific farm requirements. We know that a farm is a demanding environment, which is why our team handles all aspects of your project to complete your new shed on time, and to your specific requirements. Click below to download our farm sheds brochure and learn more about our custom sheds.