Feedlot Shelters

Investing in a feedlot shelter ensures cattle and sheep are protected from the elements so they are happier, and healthier.

ABC Sheds has successfully constructed feedlot shelters across Australia. These structures not only protect your livestock but protect your workers, harvest rain, and provide a centre of operations all year round. Add solar to provide electricity even in the most remote locations and enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency and cost reduction.

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Our feedlot shelter projects

Protection from the elements

A feedlot shelter will ensure your animals and workers are protected in any weather condition. Workers protected from the elements can work harder for longer, which is a win-win for everyone. Increase your operating potential without increasing operating costs with a feedlot shelter.

Custom-designed feedlot shelters

Our engineers will provide detailed plans to execute the design that meets your shelter requirements. Whether building a new shelter on an awkward slope or building over an existing site, the options are endless when you work with ABC Sheds. With our flexible bay sizes, we can cover any configuration of existing yards.

High-quality structures

Quality is the core of our business. We use high-quality materials and structural steel to ensure a strong foundation for your feedlot shelter. We follow Australian building codes to exceed standards and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

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