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Adding a tack shed to a horse stable

Horse saddles in tack shed

Many people think that a horse stable is simply a horse stable – a covered structure that can house one or many horses to keep them sheltered and safe from the elements. However, there are additions that can be added on to a horse stable to make them more practical for riders, and trainers alike.

Something like a tack shed can be a great addition to a horse stable, particularly for those of you that train often so need to have a range of different gear for yourself, and your horses close by.

In this blog we’ll delve into the benefits of adding a tack shed onto your horse stable plus what you can do to make the most out of a tack shed.

Benefits of a tack shed

A tack shed is a separate space where you can keep all of your tack – this is all of the essential equipment you’ll need for your horse(s). Common equipment found in a tack shed includes saddles, bridles, stirrups and any other riding equipment.

Most standard horse stable complexes don’t factor in space for extra storage which is where a tack shed can be a great addition to a new or existing stable design. A tack shed will allow for extra space which you otherwise wouldn’t normally have, in a standard horse stable complex alone. Rather than building an additional shed for tack and equipment why not consider integrating it with a larger shed for convenience and cost-efficiency?

Planning your perfect tack shed

Planning any extra additions to a horse stable should be well thought out, especially if the new space may affect the environment of horses currently housed in the stable, or if it will impact on the space of the people that use your horse stable the most. Working through the following steps can help you to determine exactly what you will need from a tack shed and will ensure you will create a space that will work well with a new or existing horse stable.

1. Plan your tack shed

A little planning will go a long way in making sure you end up with a tack shed that’s right for you and your requirements. Before you start building or before you liaise with a shed building company to get started on this project, it’s always good to outline exactly what you will need from your tack shed.

A good starting point could be to outline how many horses, at a maximum, might be housed in your horse stable. This will give you a good indication of how much equipment you could need onsite for each horse and the amount of space you will need to store this. If you already have a decent amount of equipment on hand that you will be wanting to store in your future tack shed, this will also help in planning what you need from a tack shed. Lay all of the equipment out and try to visualise where this will go in the tack shed – how much wall space will you need to hang equipment? Will you need shelves installed? Will the equipment be accessed frequently? Will you want to fix and maintain the equipment in the same space?

At the planning stage it’s also essential to consider any extras to add to your tack shed to make it a more functional space. Will you need a desk to sit and complete work at? Will you need a changing area? Do you need a cleaning space for polishing saddles? Think about anything extra you may want to add to your tack shed so that you allow plenty of space for this. It can be quite costly to add these types of features in later so it’s better to have a large list you can trim rather than adding to it later.

2. The location of your tack shed

Where you will put your new tack shed is another important consideration that should not be overlooked. When considering where you will add a tack shed, you must think about a space that will not only work with your existing horse stable complex, but a space that will also be functional too. The point of a tack shed is to hold equipment necessary for your horses so if this is hard to get to or is in a place that will disrupt the flow of access to something like a dressage arena for training, then you’ll want to reconsider your tack shed placement.

Make sure the location you pick will not only work with your horse stable, but will also give you and your horses optimum use of the space surrounding your tack shed.

It’s also worth considering environmental factors when building a tack shed or stable building. Avoid facing doors and other openings towards prevailing winds or consider maximising natural sunlight or shade, depending on your needs.

3. Create a secure tack shed

There’s no use building a new tack shed for your property if it’s not going to be secure and safe from prying eyes. It’s essential to consider what security measures you will take to keep your tack shed secure and your equipment safe so that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste! Think about who may need access to your stable complex and who may be coming and going frequently. If you have a range of different people coming and going a single lock may not be enough to ensure that your equipment stays in one spot. Consider whether you will need to add lockers for individual trainers to store their own equipment and belongings. This is also an important factor for insurance purposes as it should ensure you and your trainers are covered, should something go missing.

While the above are essential considerations for those of you that may be wanting to add a tack shed to your horse stable, remember that a tack shed doesn’t have to be overly complex! If anything sometimes the more simple the better – especially if you have a number of different people that may use the tack shed. A tack shed that is efficient and works for your needs, as well as others, will go a long way in providing long-term use.

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