Meet the team

Our team of shed experts are here to help

Chris Hornsey ABC Sheds
Chris Hornsey

Managing Director

As the founder of ABC Sheds, Chris has experience in every area of the business. He has spent time welding in the workshop, he’s dabbled in sales and project managing and now he spends his time leading the ABC team. Chris has been in the shed industry since the mid 1980’s in Adelaide, South Australia.

Kelvin Hornsey ABC Sheds
Kelvin Hornsey

Sales Manager

One of the founders of ABC Sheds, Kelvin spent many a year in the workshop designing and fabricating sheds before moving to the role of Sales Manager. Kelvin has an incredible engineering brain that he uses to make sure you get your shed as you want it. Anything is possible!

Ron Grace ABC Sheds
Ron Grace

Sales Consultant

Ron joined the ABC team in 2007 as a part of the fabrication team. Ron has experience in fabrication that stretches back to the mid 1990’s. With a cheerful disposition and always ready to take the next sales call, Ron loves helping his clients build their dreams.

Jadon Ferguson ABC Sheds
Jadon Ferguson

Sales Consultant

Jadon joined the ABC team in 2013. Starting with very little experience in Sales, Jadon has grown and blossomed in the role and he is now an integral part of the team. His greatest strength is his patience and creativeness to ensure he exceeds our clients expectations.

Huxley Ferguson ABC Sheds
Huxley Ferguson

Sales Consultant

Huxley joined the ABC team at the end of March 2020. He brings a wealth of industry experience having project managed many large construction projects over the last 5 years. Huxley is a confident and resourceful person who thoroughly enjoys speaking with customers and helping solve their problems.

Wes Betsha ABC Sheds
Wes Betsha

Project Manager

Wes joined the team at the start of 2018. Wes has past experience in the agricultural industry and he thrives on tackling onsite challenges. Wes is resourceful, passionate and professional, and he gets a great sense of satisfaction when the client thanks him at the end of a successful and uneventful installation of their shed.

Staff Photo - Alex Jackson-min
Alex Jackson

Project Co-Ordinator

Alex joined our team in June 2020. Instantly he brings a level of professionalism to our Projects Team that takes our service to a new level. Alex has many years of experience in Project Managing in the big smoke and we are confident he will enjoy the slow paced country lifestyle and be with the ABC team for many years!

Warwick Roach ABC Sheds
Warwick Roach

Customer Support

Warwick joined the ABC team in 2014 after many years of business experience. From working in the carpentry trade to working in a manufacturing assembly line, Warwick has seen all there is to see! Warwick focuses on customer communication. Keep in touch with customers all the way along the manufacturing journey.

Jonny Hornsey ABC Sheds
Jonny Hornsey

Marketing & HR

Jonny joined the team in 2010 after having many years of experience in manufacturing and warehousing. Jonny keeps a close eye on the manufacturing team ensuring that the product produced is of the highest standard. Being super competitive sees Jonny regularly on the floor in our team building games, but he’s quick to jump up and help his team again.

Lindi Hornsey ABC Sheds
Lindi Hornsey


Lindi joined the ABC team in 2008 after over 10 years of experience in accounts. Now with over 20 years experience, she has a keen eye for detail and spends a lot of her time up to her neck in debits and credits. Lindi is the cheery voice you her when you call ABC and she loves assisting clients with their queries.

Talarah Grace
Talarah Grace

Office Assistant

Fresh from graduation from High School in 2020, Talarah brings a whole new spectrum of skills to the office space.

With a keen mind to learn and a willingness to tackle everything and anything, Talarah will take no time settling in and becoming a star. 

Ben Thomas ABC Sheds
Ben Thomas


Ben moved up from Victoria and joined the team at the start of 2018. Ben has many years of experience in purchasing, dating back to the early 2000’s. With a keen eye for detail and a great sense of resourcefulness, Ben makes sure that our stock is sourced at the right price and on time. When Ben isn’t purchasing, he is dancing around the table tennis table sending aces down to his opponents time after time.

Justin Topham ABC Sheds
Justin Topham


Born and bred in the UK, Justin followed the sun to Australia in 2017. Justin has experience in Tekla drafting from right back in 2012. Having worked with various companies in UK and Australia, Justin has drawn just about everything there is to draw! Since joining our team in 2019 he has made a significant impact in our manufacturing efficiencies. Justin is nose down tail up working his magic (when he isn’t raving about the footy).

Staff Photo - Yevhen Chuprynagg-1
Yevhen Chupryna


Yevhen is fresh on the team in June 2020. He has a serious amount of experience in Engineering and Drafting. Coming all the way from Ukraine to Young proves that Yevhen is up for any challenge!

Mick Stallard ABC Sheds
Mick Stallard

Production Manager

Mick has many years of experience in fabrication having achieved his qualification in 2009. Mick is a thoughtful and mature addition to our team and there is no problem in the workshop he can't solve. When Mick isn’t welding he loves to train for his next triathlon, the distances he can run, bike and swim are truly mind blowing!

Josh Deasey ABC Sheds
Josh Deasey


Josh joined the ABC team way back in 2013 as a young kid out of school. We have watched Josh mature and grow (in more ways than one) to the sensible, loyal, thorough and humorous tradesman. Josh has a keen eye for detail and prides himself on excellence all the time.

Jonah Potts ABC Sheds
Jonah Potts


Jonah joined the ABC team in March 2020. As a fully qualified boilermaker, Jonah brings a wide range of skills to ABC. He has fitted in seamlessly to our team, he has a really high work ethic and a great attitude. It feels like he has been a part of the team for years!

Conor Eastlake ABC Sheds
Conor Eastlake


Conor joined our team in January 2020. Having just gained his boilermakers certificate at the end of 2019, Conor brings a lot of experience and talent to our team. Despite all the banging and crashing in the workshop, Conor's melodious whistle can still be heard clearly!

Ben Callaghan ABC Sheds
Ben Callaghan

Apprentice Boilermaker

Ben joined the ABC team in 2016 and his go getting attitude quickly made him a vital team member. Ben is also a passionate member of the local fire brigade, so he is often dropping tools to run and assist with the fires. When Ben isn’t welding or fighting fires or stealing doughnuts off our kitchen bench, he loves to relax on the family farm with his young brood.

Henry Hobson ABC Sheds
Henry Hobson


Henry joined the ABC team in December 2019. Fresh out of boarding school Henry is a contented hardworking young man with a very bright future. His ability to learn new skills and show initiative is commendable. The only downside to Henry – we have had to increase the height of our doorways to stop him hitting his head!

Chris Hosken ABC Sheds
Chris Hosken


Chris is our seldom seen but vital team member. Without him, our clients wouldn’t see their sheds! Chris joined the team in 2016 and since then has travelled thousands of kilometres delivering sheds. From Melbourne in the south, to Wilcannia in the west and Cairns in the north, Chris has seen a fair portion of this country. Chris is always keen to meet new customers and in known for his friendliness and passion.

Oliver Beaumont
Oliver Beaumont

Apprentice Boilermaker

Fresh out of school in September 2020, Oli has fitted into our team easily. Oli has a real can-do attitude and is ready and willing to learn anything he can. He has a bright future in the boilermaking industry, we are grateful to have him on our team.

Felix Trapp
Felix Trapp


Felix is a hard working farm boy. Owning his own farm in the picturesque hills around Wirrimah NSW, Felix sure knows about hard work. Felix joined the team in September and he has fitted in like a hand in a glove!  Never afraid of hard work always ready to pitch in and help anyone. He is often heard and not seen with his laughter ringing out around the factory!

Bryce Sisa

Trades Assistant

As the latest addition to the team, Bryce has wasted no time slotting in and making a sizable impact in production.

Its Bryce's enthusiasm to learn and ability to take on new tasks seamlessly that makes him a valued team member.