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How much does it cost to build a horse stable?

ABC Sheds horse stable project

Having a secure stable block to house your horses is essential for any horse trainer or rider. Providing horses with a comfortable space to relax will not only prove worthwhile in the short term, but it will also pay off in the long run – a comfortable and secure space will result in horses that are not only healthier, but happier.

If you need to build a horse stable or horse stable block from scratch you may be wondering, how much will this cost? While the overall cost will vary depending on what you require, there are some basic features that you should include which will give you an idea of what you may end up spending.

We’ve covered some basic requirements for a standard horse stable below.

How much does a horse stable cost?

Things like how many horses you will house in your stable and if you will have individual stalls for each horse, will determine how much you need to spend. While it’s hard to determine an exact cost without knowing what your specific plans are for a horse stable, an average stable block (more than one stall) will start at a minimum cost of around $25k and can then increase to anything around $425k for an elaborate setup. A big factor in the cost of a horse stable is how big you will need it to be, which is more often than not determined by how many horses you have. It goes without saying that the bigger the horse stable, the more expensive so if you only have a few horses that will be using a stable block then you have the option to go with something smaller that won’t cost as much to build compared with a trainer, that may need to house ten or more!

It’s important to consider not only how many horses you will house in your stable when thinking about the potential cost but also the following factors, as these will all have an effect on the final cost of building your stable complex.


When you’re planning to build your horse stable or horse stable block, the first essential thing to consider is location. If you don’t have your own land that you can use to build a stable on, then you will need to factor in the cost of either buying land, or leasing it. While buying some land may cost quite a bit upfront, this initial cost will generally end up costing you less in the long run when compared with leasing some land (the overall lease costs will generally add up to more than the price of buying land when added up over time).

If you do need to buy land for your stable you will not only need to factor in the cost of purchasing the land, but also extra setup costs. Depending on the surface quality you may need some initial earthworks done to excavate the land and make a nice even surface to house your horse stable. If you’re in a remote location things like electricity and plumbing generally won’t be set up on site so the cost of getting these essentials up-and-running will need to be considered. At the very least a simple plumbing system will need to be set up on the property before any horses are housed in the stable so that they have plenty of drinking water.

The size of the horses

Horses come in all shapes and sizes and no two are the same so it goes without saying that this is a major consideration when building any new horse stable block. Some breeds of horses are naturally bigger than others and will naturally need a lot more room than something like a Shetland pony. No matter the size, breed or number of horses you will have in your stable it’s recommended that each horse has 10 to 12 square feet of space (3m x 3m or 3.6m x 3.6m). This will allow enough room for your horse(s) to move around comfortably. This is essential to factor in when working out how much you want to spend.

Inside a horse stable complex
This stable block features plenty of space so multiple horses can be housed comfortably.


Various supplies are needed in a stable such as feed for your horses, saddles and riding equipment, bedding, and cleaning supplies. If you have some extra budget, adding a storage facility in your stable is worthwhile and will allow space for such items which means everything can be stored in one convenient location. This will save valuable time which you can then spend out in the arena riding!


Good ventilation is crucial to any horse stable or horse stable block, however, this is something that is commonly overlooked or only factored in at the last minute. Just like you and I, horses need fresh cool air and in a confined area like a stable this is even more important – making sure horses have enough fresh air in a country like Australia is a must due to our incredibly hot summers. Depending on your location you may want to consider installing a special cooling system so your horses can stay comfortable all-year-round. If you're based in a location that’s dry and doesn’t have much rain then this is something that should be factored in at the planning stage.


The type of lighting that you choose to include in a stable can make a big difference to a horse’s happiness. Just like you and I, horses also like to see what’s going on around them so shouldn't be kept in the dark during the day – research recommends that a stable should have a minimum light level of 150 to 200 lux for 16 hours of the day. If you can allow for natural light in your stable this is a great first step. Natural light helps with melatonin production and will therefore help your horse(s) to have a great sleep at night.

If natural lighting isn’t sufficient, you will need to factor in the cost of lighting when planning your horse stable. Some types of lights can generate a lot of heat so this should be avoided in areas where temperatures can soar. All lights installed must be kept out of reach and not hung too low, to ensure the safety of your horse(s).


Horses can be prone to kicking if they get bored or feel under stress so installing kickboards in your horse stable or block is an extra cost worth having. Kickboards will ensure your stable walls don’t get damaged if horses do kick which will then save you money down the track, as you won’t have to allow for repair costs. Kickboards will also ensure the safety of your horses and will stop them from hurting themselves if they do kick.

Now that you know some of the essential costs involved with building horse stables, it’s time to determine your budget and decide how much you can realistically afford to spend. Whether you have a small budget or perhaps the sky's the limit, we can help you to determine how much you need to spend on a stable that will meet all of your requirements. We can also show you examples of previous horse stable projects we’ve completed, if you did need some design guidance. When choosing an ABC Sheds horse stable, we will provide you with a structure that is custom-built for your needs and can work with your builder to ensure we provide the structure that suits your design. All you’ll need to do is complete the fit out on site! 

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