Hay Sheds

When it comes to protecting your hay and investment, ABC Sheds are here to help.

We offer fully engineered hay sheds to protect your bales from the elements. With our unmatched expertise in shed design and construction, we bring reliable storage for all your hay bales and handling equipment. And with flexible bays, you will always have the right amount of space to store your hay.

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Our hay shed projects

Protection from the elements

For those in the farming and livestock industry, there’s nothing more important than keeping hay dry and protected at all times. Through proper hay shed storage, hay maintains its quality and nutrition needed for feeding horses and other livestock. This is where we step in.

Designed to suit your needs

When stacked improperly, hay can create a moisture trap around the columns of your warehouse. Moisture contributes to mould growth, which increases the risk of structural corrosion. With our quality structural steel hay sheds, you can avoid this problem.

We design every structure to ensure proper air circulation and to prevent moisture trap. We use fully galvanised building materials to strengthen the foundation of your hay storage facilities. Our structure is also designed to protect your bales from ground moisture, rain, and direct heat from the sun. We make sure your hay remains protected with the highest standards, all-year-round.

Flexible bay sizes for your storage

We offer different bay sizes to accommodate your hay storage needs. Sizes range from 6 metres to 16 metres, giving you enough space to store farming and hay handling equipment too. Bays can also be moved and extended to allow for bigger, or smaller sized hay bales. Our engineers are happy to discuss the dimensions and overall design of your building. Common hay sheds we work on include 8m bays which can easily fit three, 8 foot bales side by side!

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From hay sheds to general farm storage sheds, you'll find information on the entire range of ABC structural steel sheds in our farm sheds brochure. For those of you wanting some design inspiration, you'll also find examples of previous farm shed projects we've completed!

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ABC Sheds farm sheds brochure