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Best Sheds vs ABC Sheds – which is better?

Best Sheds Australia versus ABC Sheds

When building a large shed, you need a reliable, trusted supplier specialising in the right type of shed. The question is, who is the best shed supplier?

In this article, we compare two leading shed suppliers in Australia  — Best Sheds and ABC Sheds. We explain the key differences to help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Best Sheds

Best Sheds is an Australian-owned supplier specialising in outdoor storage buildings and medium-sized sheds:

  • Workshops
  • Garages and carports
  • Mancaves
  • Agricultural sheds
  • Lifestyle storage.

All Best Sheds buildings are built with Galvalume C Sections and the wall girts and roof purlins are tophat material. The sheeting for the roof and walls is 0.42BMT.

ABC Sheds

Here at ABC Sheds, we’re also Australian-owned and operated. Specialising in larger structural steel sheds, we supply the following:

  • Farm sheds
  • Hay sheds
  • Yard covers and feedlot shelters
  • Grain sheds and fertiliser sheds
  • Cotton sheds
  • Dressage arenas and horse stables
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Commercial sheds and industrial buildings
  • Workshops
  • Cola shelters
  • Cyclone-rated sheds.

Our sheds are built with a fully fabricated and galvanised structural frame with a Universal Beam (UB) and welded web truss. This is incredibly strong, enabling us to achieve a widespan shed with no central supports. 

Best Sheds vs ABC Sheds

To make an informed decision about your ideal shed supplier, consider the following factors: 

Service areas

Best Sheds factory delivers sheds to Victoria, New South Wales, and Southern Queensland. 

The ABC Sheds factory is located in Young and we build sheds for clients all over Australia, especially in New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. 

Purlin vs structural steel

Best Sheds buildings are built with purlins while ABC Sheds are built with structural steel. To decide which option is best for your project, we compare purlins vs structural steel below:  

A purlin is a roll-formed structural roof support system made from flat sheet steel and roll-formed into the specific purlin C or Z shape. If you need a small shed that’s less than 12 metres, a purlin structure will be suitable. However, there are structural limitations because purlins cannot hold a lot of weight or withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Structural steel is a special type of thick hot-formed steel that is roll-pressed at a very high temperature. These sheds consist of strong steel sections that are welded and bolted together, and you can add purlins and girts for extra roof support. Structural steel sheds also feature structural steel beams, including a Universal Beam (UB) and welded web truss. 

In summary, a Best Sheds purlin shed is only suitable for sheds less than 12 metres and relatively relaxed weather conditions. For larger sheds and extreme climates, our structural steel sheds are the better choice. 

Wide-span shed costs

To increase or change the span of your shed, you may need to account for additional costs. Unfortunately, the purlin construction at Best Sheds may be limiting and central supports may be required for spans more than 4.5 metres. These changes can amount to a significant sum in both materials and design time. 

At ABC Sheds, our structural steel frames and UB columns make it easy and more cost-effective to engineer wide spans and clear spans. We offer a series of standard clearspan frames up to 60 metres or we can increase your shed span to suit your needs. For an accurate cost for your wide-span shed, request a quote from our team.

Durability and longevity

The team at Best Sheds offers a 20-year manufacturers warranty. At ABC Sheds, we offer a 25-year “You’re Covered” guarantee on all our sheds. Our nudge-proof columns, a self-supporting structure, and hot-dipped galvanised columns mean our sheds are here to stay. 

Our structural shed frames are also approximately 6 times heavier than a purlin frame, meaning they will easily stand up to cyclones, snow, or wind. For added security, the structural columns are also bolted to a cage embedded in concrete footings.


At Best Sheds, you can customise your shed with different dimensions, windows, doors, and lean-tos. However, increasing the size and adding features may require more engineering due to the limitations of the purlin structure. 

At ABC Sheds, our structural steel allows for flexibility, meaning we can achieve almost any customisation. Our most popular options include different bay sizes, foam cell or wool blanket insulation, roller doors, sliding doors, PA doors, mezzanine floors, windows, and vented ridges. Just contact the team for more recommendations and ideas. 


Best Sheds only offers 7 colours for their sheds, compared to 22 here at ABC Sheds. We offer a range of COLORBOND® options to suit your project and site, from Dover White™ to Night Sky®. Whether you want a shed that blends into its surroundings or an eye-catching colour to brighten up the landscape, we’ve got you covered. 

What to ask your shed supplier

When you reach out to a shed supplier, ask these questions along with your quote request: 

  • What shed warranties do you offer?
  • Do you offer clearspans and wide spans?
  • Do you use BMT or TCT cladding?
  • What site preparation is required?
  • What is the shed building approval process?
  • Do you use structural steel?
  • Is the steel hot-dip galvanised?

Why ABC Sheds?

ABC Sheds Australia

With ABC Sheds, you gain our extensive building expertise, a high standard of customer service, and a fully fabricated shed at a competitive rate. 

  • Site evaluation, design, and engineering
  • Quality Australian-sourced steel
  • Personalised on-site delivery and professional erection
  • 25-year "You're Covered" guarantee.
  • Exceeds Australian building standards.
  • Hassle-free erection.
  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • Custom shed designs.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

At ABC Sheds, we’ll work with you until your new shed ticks all your boxes. Reach out today or download a free copy of our sheds brochure below.