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A custom dressage arena cover in Nebo

From hay sheds and dressage arenas to aircraft hangars and industrial sheds, our customers often come to us requiring a bespoke farm shed or rural building. David Stuart approached us last year after his travel plans changed due to the effects of COVID-19 – it was the perfect time to get a few extra things done around the farm which included getting a custom arena cover built. David isn’t just your ordinary equestrian enthusiast, however!

Dressage arena surfaces – footing that counts

If you’ve decided to invest in a new dressage arena or perhaps you're giving your existing arena a bit of an upgrade, then you’ll also need to be considering the type of surface flooring that you use in your dressage arena. Something as simple as flooring can make a big difference to your horses’ health and happiness; this health and happiness will then affect your ability to train and how much you get out of your horses in the arena.

So what are the different flooring options available for dressage arena surfaces and just which option will ultimately be best for you, and the comfort of your horses? To help you out we’ve covered some basic considerations that anyone should be thinking about when it comes to dressage arena flooring. Things like your location, the weather and the type of dressage arena you have or will be building will all play a big part in the type of surface you choose for your arena.

3 inspiring dressage arena designs

Whether you’re looking for a dressage arena for riding or perhaps something a bit smaller for the horses to run around in, making sure that you have the perfect dressage arena that meets all of your requirements is essential! We’re now lucky enough that dressage arenas can come in all shapes and sizes and with a range of different features such as covered roofs, lights, secure gates and even additional horse stables.

We’ve helped our customers to design some pretty cool dressage arenas over the years and we wanted to show you three of our favourite equestrian building projects. Read on to view some of the dressage arenas we’ve completed and to get some inspiration for an arena of your own!

Horse Arena Sizes

Whether you’re a dressage competitor, or you ride horses just for fun, the horse arena that you choose to train in needs to be of adequate size for your training needs. There are different sizes and regulations for different horse arenas, depending on its purpose. If you’re looking to build your own arena for something like jumping or dressage, then it’s important to make sure you’ve got enough space for your requirements.

In this blog we’ll outline the different types of horse arena courses, and what size arenas are best suited for each of these.

Building a dressage arena for all weather conditions

Being based in New South Wales, Australia we’re no strangers to the heat and understand that quality sheds need to be built for all weather conditions. Dressage arenas are no different. One of the most common things we hear from clients that require dressage arenas is that they need to be able to train all year round, so they need something that will be suitable on a hot summer’s day as well as the middle of winter.

How to build a dressage arena

Filling the dreams of many avid riders is the ownership, one day, of an arena. And whereas the fundamentals of building a dressage arena are the same as any horse arena there are a few extra considerations to consider, which we will cover in this article.