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How to build a dressage arena


Filling the dreams of many avid riders is the ownership, one day, of an arena. And whereas the fundamentals of building a dressage arena are the same as any horse arena there are a few extra considerations to consider, which we will cover in this article.

Follow Best Waste Management Practices with a Fabricated Shed

If you own cattle or livestock, then chances are you already have a customised barn, fabricated shed, or you are looking to build one. Whatever the situation, you do need a shelter either for milking, housing the animals or sheltering them from the extreme weather.

With livestock in your vicinity, appropriate waste management becomes an important practice. If not managed well animal waste can affect the water quality and ultimately your health.

Tax advantage for hay storage solutions

Your fodder storage shed: a tax advantage you shouldn't miss.

Getting a fodder storage shed erected on your farm is a smart move that will reduce fodder storage losses, but this investment also isn't dirt cheap. Find out how you can make it work to your advantage and see returns on your investment much more quickly thanks to government’s accelerated depreciation program.