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Designing a multi-purpose farm shed

A quality farm shed is a valuable asset for any farmer or rural business owner. With the right design and build, as well as the highest quality materials, you’ll have a farm shed that will last you for decades to come.

A brand new farm shed is a big investment so it’s important to make sure that the shed can be properly utilised all-year-round, and that it doesn't go to waste outside of key farming activities. When it comes to ordering a new farm shed, many people don’t think of the multiple purposes a shed could be used for and instead, focus on one function whether that be for the storage of hay during harvest time, or for farm machinery storage.

Planning ahead for 2021

As the end of 2020 nears, now can be a great time to start planning ahead so that you’re well prepared for 2021. Key farming activities roll around quickly every year so why not try and get a head-start on planning what you may need for next year?

While it may seem simple enough to order the machinery and equipment that you need, manufacturing something like a new shed can take some time. Careful planning needs to be done at the outset so that you get the shed that’s right for your needs whether that be for harvesting hay or grain, shearing sheep, or housing your valuable farm machinery.

Understanding your shed quote

Any savvy farmer or business owner knows that they shouldn’t appoint just any shed manufacturer or contractor until they’re supplied with a written quote. After all, a verbal agreement is only worth the paper it isn’t written on! But even when you get written quotes, it’s still wise to check the items listed, and the fine-print, to make sure that you don’t end up with a surprise when the bill arrives.

How easy is a steel kit shed to assemble?


While assembling a new farm shed or horse arena is no small feat, many people are unaware that most structural steel sheds come ready to be erected, and are easy enough to construct yourself. Erecting your own shed is also a great way to save a bit of money if you’re needing to stick below a certain budget, as long as you have some time to spare and a bit of patience!

So, you may be wondering just how easy is a steel kit shed to assemble? While a kit shed is simple enough to erect there are some considerations to be made before you get underway with digging your first hole, and putting your frames up!

How to save money when buying a farm shed

Whether you’re looking to cut down costs or stay within an existing budget, finding the money for something like a new farm shed can be challenging. There’s always more urgent expenses that seem to appear and a new shed is a big investment that many farmers will choose to put off until ‘the time is right’.

While a farm shed can seem like a big purchase, a quality structure will more than pay off in the long-run and will bring you years of use. So is there a way to save some money when purchasing a new farm shed, and still end up with a structure that’s high quality?

4 things to consider when building a hay shed

If you’re looking to create more hay or harvest storage for your property, then you may be wondering – where do I start? There are some important factors to consider when building any large-scale shed and a hay shed is no different! In fact, even more consideration should go into the construction of a hay shed that’s just right as you’ll want to make sure that your harvest is protected from harsh weather conditions, and the likelihood of spontaneous combustion.

Dressage arena surfaces – footing that counts

If you’ve decided to invest in a new dressage arena or perhaps you're giving your existing arena a bit of an upgrade, then you’ll also need to be considering the type of surface flooring that you use in your dressage arena. Something as simple as flooring can make a big difference to your horses’ health and happiness; this health and happiness will then affect your ability to train and how much you get out of your horses in the arena.

So what are the different flooring options available for dressage arena surfaces and just which option will ultimately be best for you, and the comfort of your horses? To help you out we’ve covered some basic considerations that anyone should be thinking about when it comes to dressage arena flooring. Things like your location, the weather and the type of dressage arena you have or will be building will all play a big part in the type of surface you choose for your arena.

3 inspiring dressage arena designs

Whether you’re looking for a dressage arena for riding or perhaps something a bit smaller for the horses to run around in, making sure that you have the perfect dressage arena that meets all of your requirements is essential! We’re now lucky enough that dressage arenas can come in all shapes and sizes and with a range of different features such as covered roofs, lights, secure gates and even additional horse stables.

We’ve helped our customers to design some pretty cool dressage arenas over the years and we wanted to show you three of our favourite equestrian building projects. Read on to view some of the dressage arenas we’ve completed and to get some inspiration for an arena of your own!

Designing a farm machinery shed

If you operate a farm there’s no doubt that you will have farm machinery and equipment on-site that you use on a daily basis. Farm machinery is a big investment for any farmer so it’s important that this machinery remains as protected as possible. While the weather in Australia can be temperamental and a cause for concern at any time of the year, the risk of potential trespassers is also enough of a worry for any farmer to want to keep their valuable machinery safe and secure. One of the easiest and most simple ways to keep your machinery and equipment safe is to invest in a farm machinery shed.

Drought assistance available in Australia

Years of drought and hardly any rain have had a significant impact on Australian farmers. This struggle has not gone unnoticed however and on the 1st of July 2020 the New South Wales Government announced that they had increased their interest-free seven-year loan to $100,000. This is a massive increase from $50,000 and with no repayments for two years, we’re sure it will be a big help to many farmers that have been doing it tough.