Protect your plane with a ABC aircraft hanger. We offer custom-made aircraft hangars for the secure storage of large and small planes. Whether you’re running plane charter services or in need of extra space to stow your company jet, our hangars are the solution for you!

Looking To Maximise Your Airport Land?

With our experienced design team, we can make sure that your hangar makes maximum usage of your land.

We can construct mezzanine floors & balconies to enable you to create a live in hangar. Or maybe it is something you can invest in and lease out to other aircraft enthusiasts!

Wide Span for Your Storage ?

We provide complete structural plans to ensure the custom-made hangar can accommodate your plane. Our structures span up to 60 metres, providing enough space for an ultra-light or even a B52.

Not Your Ordinary Storage Solution

Our engineers have over 20 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to aircraft hangar design and construction. We use the latest methods in aircraft hangars to provide you with superior plane storage.

Guaranteed Service for Your Structural Frames

ABC Sheds offers a 25-year “You’re Covered” Guarantee on every product. With our guaranteed service, you have the assurance that your structure can last for years.


Call us at 1800 44 55 68 and find out how our team can assist with your aircraft hangars.