Look after your stock with a yard cover and they will look after you!

ABC Sheds™ has successfully constructed cattle feedlot shelters, cattle yard covers, sheep yard covers and dairy shelters. With our custom made superior design we can guarantee you the highest quality shelter on the market.

Protecting your animals is a sure way to increase your bottom line.
Working or feeding animals in the weather can cause a loss of condition which in the end results in less in your pocket.

Many of our clients have built a cover over their yards for displaying stud stock. Our impressive yard covers compliment the quality of stock and show that you value quality in every area. With our flexible bay sizes we can cover any configuration of existing yards.

Custom-Designed Yard Covers

We custom design every structure to suit your specific needs. Our engineers will provide detailed plans to execute the design that meets your yard cover requirements. Whether you want a round yard, sheep yard or cattle yard cover, the options are endless when you work with ABC Sheds.

High-Quality Structures

Quality is the core of our business. We use high-quality materials to ensure a strong foundation for your yard cover. We follow Australian building codes to exceed standards and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

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