Indoor Dressage Arena

Glenhill Sporthorses

Location Southern Highlands, New South Wales
Shed size 66m x 21.6m
Shed colour Deep Ocean


Glenhill Sporthorses is a boutique training and breeding facility in the Southern Highlands where the focus is on quality, and bringing out the best in each horse. Professional horse rider and Glenhill owner, Christan Trainor approached us as she needed a new covered riding arena, perfect for training her competition horses.

Christan Trainor - Glenhill Sporthorses

The Challenge

Christan and the team at Glenhill breed top competitors in Olympic disciplines so it was only natural that they wanted a state-of-the-art equestrian facility to match. After years of working as a professional rider and visiting world-class equestrian facilities, Christan also knew exactly what she wanted, and where she needed to start. The indoor dressage arena was one of the first things to be built, on the 40-acre property.

We were approached by Christan and her husband Scott to make their new arena a reality. They needed a solution that could be built as soon as possible to allow for the training of competition horses. And with the weather often unpredictable in the Southern Highlands, it was vital that the new dressage arena had a roof to provide a practical, covered space.

The Solution

Working closely with Christan and Scott, we provided a bespoke arena cover that tied in perfectly with their business needs. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and we were able to bring this to life with a spacious 66m x 21.6m arena. A cantilevered awning also extends off to the side for additional storage and parking.

To further assist with the correct training of their mares, a mirrored wall was added to an entire side of the arena. Our structural steel dressage arenas make it simple to install the framing for mirrors right where they are needed, as all UB columns have the ability for railing and framework to be attached at any time. The result for Glenhill Sporthorses is a practical training space that can be used all-year-round, in any weather.

Finished dressage arena for Glenhill Sporthorses
Glenhill Sporthorses arena photos

Shed Features

✓ 9 bays in total

✓ 8 bays at 7.5m and 1 bay at 6m

✓ Fully galvanised frame

✓ 3 enclosed walls with Perspex for additional light

✓ Mirrored wall for horse training

✓ Cantilever awning for additional storage

Hear from Christan about the process

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