Custom Commercial Shed

GPG Landscape Supplies

Location Moss Vale, New South Wales
Shed size 41m x 20m x 5.4m
Shed colour Surfmist


Nick Gubbins approached us as he was in need of a custom shed for a new landscaping business in Moss Vale. He needed a bespoke solution that allowed for greater storage, while also incorporating an office area and a loading dock. Read on to learn about the commercial shed we supplied.

GPG Landscape Supplies Moss Vale

The Challenge

As the owner of an already well established business, Nick had the challenge of moving his new landscaping supplies business to the existing site in Moss Vale. There wasn’t enough room for both businesses so a new commercial shed was needed that could accommodate all requirements.

Due to how they would be using the space, Nick required a solution that was bespoke and would allow for different levels, as well as a mezzanine. Busy running his already successful business, Nick wanted a shed manufacturer that could do it all, without adding to his big workload. It was also imperative that there were minimal disruptions to daily operations. 

The Solution

We were selected because we could provide a custom kit shed that ticked all the boxes. Our team also handled the consent process which meant that Nick and his team could focus on running the business, without any headaches.

Once the kit shed arrived on site, Nick arranged for a builder to erect the commercial shed. This was done in stages to allow for minimal disruptions. With comprehensive instructions provided and an informative DVD, the builder had the shed up in no time, without having to contact us at all.

Nick’s new shed has provided more than enough room for both businesses, as well as a handy loading dock, and an on-site office. 

Custom commercial shed Moss Vale
Commercial shed features

Shed Features

✓ Fully enclosed

✓ 6 bays in total

✓ Electric roller door

✓ 20m x 10m mezzanine

✓ Hot-dip galvanised columns & trusses

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