Combination Farm Shed


Location Mount Marshall, Queensland
Shed size 40m x 24m x 4.5m
Shed colour Zincalume with Monument trim


Located in the Southern Downs region of Queensland, this farmer was on the hunt for a new farm shed that would provide shelter, and a clean secure space to work. With artificial insemination a big part of this farmer’s operations, he reached out to us in January 2023, to see if we could provide a steel shed that would meet all of his needs. We were happy to help.

Combination shed with yard cover and enclosed bay

The Challenge

Having worked in the artificial insemination industry for a number of years, this farmer understood the importance of having quality facilities that ensure each step of the process runs seamlessly. He decided that it was time for an upgrade.

There were two important parts of the new shed that were vital to get right. He needed a covered area to keep sheep out of the sun while they were in holding yards; he also needed a clean and secure space that would allow for artificial insemination to occur, with as little stress to the animals as possible.

Wanting to avoid multiple separate sheds that would add time and inefficiency to daily operations, he wanted one shed that combined both requirements – covered yards and an enclosed space. 

The Solution

We understood just how important it was to get the new shed right; we also knew that we could provide the perfect solution – a combination farm shed.

Working with this farmer for a number of months from the initial enquiry through to the completion of the shed, our team ensured that the new shed met both key requirements while delivering a building that not only looked good but would stand the test of time.

Measuring 40m x 24m x 4.5m, the new combination shed is now complete and provides ample space for the sheep yards that are soon to be installed. And with one enclosed bay where artificial insemination can occur, this farmer can ensure the space is kept clean and at the right temperature with numerous sliding and personal access doors, for ultimate control. 

Farm shed for artificial insemination
Combination farm shed photos

Shed Features

✓ Lock up lean-to awning

✓ Sliding doors

✓ Double personal access doors

✓ Fully insulated

✓ Monument colour trim

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