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The steps to buying with ABC Sheds

When purchasing any big ticket item like a new car, home or shed, it always helps to know the process involved so that you’re well prepared before you start. In particular, the process of building a new shed can be a lengthy one and with manufacturing and building delays due to increased demand and material shortages, some people are surprised at just how long the process will take, from start to finish.

Our most frequently asked shed questions

The ABC Sheds Sales Team

Discussing people’s dream shed means we’re asked a bunch of questions each time. And while we do have an FAQ section on our website to cover many of these, that doesn’t mean we don’t see the same few questions appear every so often. 

Site preparation tips for a shed

Building a new shed comes with lots of important decisions – and we’re not just talking about how big your shed should be! Shed orientation, where your shed will be located on your property and even things like extra storage or a loading bay are all very important considerations that need to be made at the design stages. One design consideration that sometimes gets overlooked and shouldn’t be forgotten, is preparing your site appropriately for a shed. But what does this involve and why is it so important?

Gable versus skillion roof sheds

When designing a shed an important consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked is the roof. The type of roof that you use on your shed can not only dramatically change the look of your shed but could influence the practicality, as well as the budget!

Advances in technology and construction have meant that we now have lots of options when it comes to the design of a shed, and the type of roof that we choose. Often we get asked about the differences between a traditional gable roof and something more modern, like a skillion roof. Each roof has its own practical benefits, and design appeal.

Shed orientation – what you need to know

While you may have an idea of what your future farm shed or industrial building will look like, have you considered the orientation of the shed? Shed orientation is something that can be easily overlooked and in fact, is often a missed opportunity to make the most of your surroundings and seasonal weather conditions. If considered at the design stage, the orientation of your shed has the potential to provide many benefits!

Harvesting solar energy on a shed

More than 2.5 million Australian households now harness solar power across the country. As one of the sunniest places in the world, this comes as no surprise and the ability to harness solar energy for power is a no brainer for many – in 2019 alone there were 287,504 rooftop solar installations. While it’s becoming more common for Australian households to use solar power in their homes, what about Australian businesses and even the humble farm shed?

The process of building a shed

There’s a famous saying along the lines of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The Romans were right – great things take time to build. You wouldn't expect Rome, or even a house, to be built in a day and the same goes for a shed! Between initial consultations to find out what you need to the approvals stage, there are actually quite a few steps involved in building a quality shed.

If you’ve been considering a new shed for your farm or property but have been putting it off as you’re not sure what’s involved then look no further! With over 25-years of experience in the shed industry here in Australia, we’d say we’ve got the shed building process down to a fine art!

How easy is a steel kit shed to assemble?


While assembling a new farm shed or horse arena is no small feat, many people are unaware that most structural steel sheds come ready to be erected, and are easy enough to construct yourself. Erecting your own shed is also a great way to save a bit of money if you’re needing to stick below a certain budget, as long as you have some time to spare and a bit of patience!

So, you may be wondering just how easy is a steel kit shed to assemble? While a kit shed is simple enough to erect there are some considerations to be made before you get underway with digging your first hole, and putting your frames up!

Designing a farm machinery shed

If you operate a farm there’s no doubt that you will have farm machinery and equipment on-site that you use on a daily basis. Farm machinery is a big investment for any farmer so it’s important that this machinery remains as protected as possible. While the weather in Australia can be temperamental and a cause for concern at any time of the year, the risk of potential trespassers is also enough of a worry for any farmer to want to keep their valuable machinery safe and secure. One of the easiest and most simple ways to keep your machinery and equipment safe is to invest in a farm machinery shed.

What you need to know when building a farm shed


For any new building project, there can be a lot that needs to be considered before you get started. A new shed is no different! From what you will be using the shed for, to council approvals you may need to go through in order to construct a new shed on your property, there are certain steps that need to be taken.

We’ve outlined some basic considerations that should be given to building a steel farm or industrial shed, and some things that you can do before you get under way, to make the process easier.