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Supporting RRT – how we're doing our part

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Just like you, we were devastated to see the toll the recent Australian bushfires took on loved ones, communities, forests, and our wildlife. While we managed to stay away from the worst of the fires here in Young, New South Wales, it was heartbreaking to see the amount of damage caused from the fires across the country and to see many who lost their family homes and more.

Now with wild weather and floods ravaging some parts of Australia, it's even more important to keep supporting our firefighters, medical workers and other emergency services during times of crisis so they can keep up the amazing work they do, every single day. That’s why for every shed sold during the months of February and March, we will be donating $1,000 to our friends over at the Rapid Relief Team.

Find out more about why we’re donating and the great work the Rapid Relief Team do.

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