Low Interest Loans


Are you needing a loan for your next shed. You may be eligible for a low interest loan through the Rural Assistance Authority (RAA).

New South Wales

The Farm Innovation Fund is an incentive-based initiative to assist farmers within New South Wales to identify and address risks to their farming enterprises, improve permanent farm infrastructure, ensure long term productivity and sustainable land use plus aiding in meeting changes to seasonal conditions.

Funding by way of a loan is available to meet the cost of carrying out permanent capital works that will have a significant beneficial impact on the land, long term profitability of the enterprise and address adverse seasonal conditions.

For more information please visit:

New South Wales Rural Assistance Authority Website

Farm Innovation Fund FAQ’s



The Sustainability Loan provides Queensland farmers with finance up to $650,000 to cover capital costs to achieve a more productive and sustainable primary production enterprise. Make your land work better for you by building fences, dams, storage facilities, improving irrigation, or establishing additional water points. Implement on-farm value adding or supply chain initiatives to ensure your enterprise continues to be successful for years to come.

For more information please visit:

Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority Website

Sustainability Loans Guidelines 


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